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100% RYE.



In Poland, centuries of excellence in vodka making have brought the beverage to near perfection. SOBIESKI® vodka is proud of its Polish heritage, respecting tradition and know-how.

In line with Polish Vodka legal regulations, SOBIESKI® is made only from Polish cereals and Polish spring water. It is then fermented and distilled in Poland’s oldest distillery and using the tallest continuous column in Poland. It is also bottled in Poland, of course.

SOBIESKI® is a true Polish vodka!

So to all people who get together to enjoy a free moment, we say: zdrowie!”*

*”good health!” in Polish.

100% RYE

SOBIESKI® vodka is made from Polish rye and crystal clear spring water.

This gives SOBIESKI® vodka its subtle scent of matured Polish grain as well as its silky taste.

Our vodka is a pure and authentic Polish vodka, distilled in Poland. It offers a smooth and delicate taste, perfect for cocktails!

Let’s toast to the love of vodka!


Sobieski® vodka range.


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How is SOBIESKI® vodka made ?

STEP 1 : Harvest.

STEP 2 : Rye cleaning & crushing.

STEP 3 : Distilled in Poland.

STEP 4 : Filtration.


STEP 6 : SOBIESKI® vodka

SOBIESKI® vodka is made from 100% Polish rye. The rye is carefully selected to give SOBIESKI® vodka its smooth, pure and qualitative taste, making it perfect for cocktails.

The carefully selected rye is then cleaned with spring clear water and crushed to make a fermentable mixture, sometimes called “vodka mash”.

This mixture then rests and ferments for a few days (sometimes weeks!). At this stage, natural alcohol is produced through fermentation and the rye starts to deliver its flavors.

Later, solid components are separated from the liquid to be distilled.

Once the solid components are removed from the “vodka mash”, the remaining liquid contains all the alcohol and rye flavor from the fermentation step. The liquid is ready to be distilled.

SOBIESKI® vodka is a traditional vodka, distilled in Poland. With the tallest rectification column in Poland (nearly 40 meters high), SOBIESKI® vodka is continuously distilled. This guarantees the quality and purity of the distilled vodka, giving SOBIESKI® a unique and well-balanced taste.

The distilled vodka is purified through a large filtration system usually made of charcoal or carbon. This filtration stage guarantees the quality of our vodka and its smooth taste.

The purified alcohol contains 96% alc/vol after the previous steps. SOBIESKI® vodka is diluted to 37,5% ABV or 40% ABV with crystal clear water. The last stage is bottling SOBIESKI® vodka.

SOBIESKI® vodka is iconic. Its bottle carries the emblematic design that stands out from the crowd: it tells the King Jan III Sobieski history.

The rye and spring water give SOBIESKI® its subtle scent of matured Polish grain as well as its silky taste.

Our vodka is very limpid and colorless.

Thanks to its well-balanced taste and deep finish, SOBIESKI® vodka is perfect to be enjoyed in cocktails!